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Summer Festival 2021

The 2021 Milal Orchestra Music Festival is open to musicians of any nationality, any age, and any background, playing any music.

*We are especially open and welcoming to students and musicians who face cognitive and physical challenges.

Milal Orchestra Summer Festival

The purpose of the summer festival is to provide an opportunity to perform in a concert for all musicians, including professional, youth, and special needs musicians.

It is a music competition and all participants will receive a certificate and grand prize winners will earn a $250 cash reward as well. The concert takes place on Aug. 24th and anyone can watch via online livestream.

Applicants will also have the opportunity to participate in in-person concerts in the future.

Please submit your application and video(s) by August 14, 2021.

Application fee: $30.00 (financial aid is available).

If the applicant requires financial assistance for the application fee, please email us at (Music Director: Jin Ah Kwon).

Winners Recital Information

I. All participants can earn the opportunity to hold a virtual winner concert; we are open to all instrumentalists, singers, and composers.

II. Children under 18 years old will be the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians and must be supervised at all times by their parents or legal guardians.

III. The grand prize winner will earn the opportunity to perform with the Milal Orchestra when we restart our in-person concerts.

IV. Grand prize winners can win $250 for each category

Young Musician, Senior, Chamber, Special Musician

V. The grand prize winner will be awarded their prize during the winner ceremony

VI. Competitors are assessed according to the average grade point of evaluations by the panel of judges

• Grand Prize- in to be awarded to the competitor who earns 99/100 points and win $250

• FIRST PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 90/100 points

• SECOND PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 80/100 points

• THIRD PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 70/100 points

• DIPLOMA – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 60/100 points


There is no age limit, however, participants’ entries/videos will be divided into age categories, based on the participant’s age.

Soloists: Age category is determined by age on the day of submitting the application form.

Ensembles: Age category is determined by the average age of an ensemble. Sum up the age of each group member and divide it by the number of members.



To enter the Milal Summer Festival you need to submit one or more recent, good quality videos of your playing. You are free to choose your program (one piece) for your video(s). Total length of your video(s) should comply with the established program time for your age category.

Young Musician Up to 18 years (Free program) : Up to 6 min


19 years old and older (Free Program): Up to 10 min

Special Musician No age limit (Free program): Up to 10 min

Milal Orchestra Supported by Texas Milal Mission

President: Kyung Su Chae




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